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August 19, 1998

Apparel Producers Announce their own MADE in USA Brand

A group of members of the American Apparel Producers' Network (AAPN) announce @usawear™, a grassroots "for-profit" brand separate from the non-profit AAPN.

@usawear™ is marketing short run apparel manufacturing over the Internet in quantity to prospects who want value added services. The target market is corporate and private label designers. The offer is online co-design of custom apparel. "Corporations, like consumers, are frustrated by merchants whose "AMERICAN" apparel promotions cover clothing made completely offshore of foreign components", says Mike Todaro, organizer of @usawear™. "Our guys got together and formed the brand @usawear™ to save the American apparel manufacturing industry".

"As AAPN has done since 1995, we'll use the Internet to design, develop, deliver and display apparel faster, eliminate middlemen, reach markets worldwide, build a community of customers and deliver value that, frankly, will be revolutionary", says Todaro.

"It's not the size of a nation's apparel manufacturers, it's how they organize industrially that gives them a competitive advantage. American apparel producers, large in domestic jobs they create, gain strength by organizing. The @usawear™ label allows sharing and savings in marketing, brand building, technology, fabric sourcing, production and other common costs".

Mike Todaro is Managing Director of the American Garment Council, the management company for the AAPN. Write made@usawear.com or call 404-843-3171. Please visit the @usawear™ home page at http://www.usawear.com .

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